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With a century-long heritage of furnishing Melbourne’s homes, Berkowitz presents SOFACRAFT – a specialist sofa store that champions quality sofa-making, good modernist design, and the art of comfort.


Many of our makers are Melbourne-based, and happy to customise for you. Some are brands we all know and love – such as Molmic and James Alexander. Others are boutique craftspeople, producing our private-label designs. All are second or third generation makers; and all build a quality bench-made product that respects the money you invest in it.


The Berkowitz name was built on the work of Samuel Berkowitz, a brilliant London craftsman whose Australian legacy began when he landed in Melbourne on Christmas Eve 1912. After a start at the department store of fellow immigrant Sidney Myer, Samuel went out on his own – striking a chord in the city’s leafy inner-east, with his finely french-polished Regency and Chippendale reproduction cabinets, tables and chairs. He made the most beautiful chairs – that was his specialty.

Samuel’s three sons built up the business, employing Melbourne’s best carvers, joiners and finishers; and in 1947 they signed the company’s first retail store lease, opposite Georges of Collins St.

Grandson, Lionel pioneered the import of Italian and Scandinavian furniture during the 1960s, and evolved the company’s relevance to Mid-Century tastes. He created the first purpose-designed highway and highstreet furniture stores during the 1970s, at Nunawading and Kew; and he nurtured what are now decades-long partnerships with the best Australian furniture brands.

Always leave something for the other person“, was his grandfather’s approach in dealing with suppliers and customers. And, today, Peter Berkowitz and his son Justin trade with the same philosophy, respecting the same good name.

It is with the founder’s original emphasis on properly hand-made furniture, and the company’s peerless experience in the Australian sofa industry, that SOFACRAFT is born.


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